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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Photo by Rick Trankle

Doug "Badman" Randall  Posted by Hello

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Paul Parello Sr. said...

Hey Mr G, was taking a break from working on tonight's radio show so I checked out your blog. Very nice!

I was supposed to video "Big G and the Real Deal" last year for my television program... My crew and I got to the club only to go toe to toe with the club owners...I had talked with them earlier in the week to make sure everything was a go, explained how we video etc.and everything was OK. Well, when we got to the club it was unbelievable how the two owners reacted. When I saw how they were treating the band, and then us, I asked my crews opinion and we decided to walk. This is the only time in 9 years that we had a problem with a club...and we've videoed at place's like House Of Blues (Sam Lay, Junkyardmen) which as you know is corporate, and they, H.O.B. staff, treated us with the utmost respect. The club that "Big G and The Real Deal" was playing at closed shortly after this incident and it didn't surprise me at all. What really makes me upset is we lost the opportunity to video Doug "Badman" Randall. Maybe had I known how ill he was I would have sucked up to the owners of the club...That would have been the only reason!!!

Loved the story about your Dad's glasses, can relate with your wife's bad back (threw mine out, that's why I didn't see you at the Thornetta Davis gig) ...have had similar incidents when I ride the train, and heck, the weather here in Chicago holds true to the old saying "If you don't like the weather in Chicago wait five minutes"...

We did have the opportunity to video Mike Wheeler at the Harlem Avenue Lounge. He is one very talented guitarist and has a great set of pipes.

Well, back to working on tonight's show.... I'll include,"Big G & The Real Deal","Mike Wheeler", and "Thornetta Davis"...

Best always,
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