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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Job History

Here is a list of jobs:

1. Manager of a hot dog stand.
2. Investment banker in a 3-man partnership.
3. Greenskeeper on a municipal golf course.
4. CEO of a failing healthcare software firm.
5. Head of corporate development, marketing and communications at a big finance company.
6. Salesman for an equipment leasing company.
7. Park maintenance man.
8. Trombone player in a band that supported a funky little circus.
9. Associate Director of Admissions for a graduate business school.
10. Commercial banker for major midwestern pharmaceutical firms.
11. Singapore-based Asia-Pacific manager for a small financial institution.
12. Singing, harmonica-playing front man for a blues band.
13. Night manager at the UC Berkeley Student Union Building.
14. Manager of a healthcare industry lending group.
15. Leader of a start-up business focused on investments in alternative energy and cogeneration projects.
16. Night Grill Man at a Jack In The Box burger joint.
17. Independent consultant.

This motley collection of occupations is my job history. The longest time I have spent in one job has been about 6 years; the shortest time - one week (I didn't do well as a night grill man at Jack in the Box).

Sometimes it is a curse to be saddled with a short attention span; sometimes it is a blessing. When you keep starting over, you lose momentum. But if you keep your feet moving, you are harder to hit. I prefer to keep moving.

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