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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Blogging into the Void

So Derek Gordon, Vice President-Marketing for Technorati (the blog search engine), claims that his firm tracks 109.2 million blogs. He says that more than 99% of the blogs tracked by Technorati get no hits over the course of a year.

This confirms that blogging is not really about communication. For the vast majority of bloggers, it is like masturbation, but with no pay-off.


Joe said...

Not true, bro. I can tell you that I read several blues-related blogs and few of them are registered with technorati. I found them, like I found yours. I found the poster writing something of interest on an internet mailing list.

Lots of people read my blog. I hear about it when I don't update and my blog is filled with useless drivel.

Mr. G said...

But you are the only guy that ever comments on my blog!!!

dude - send me a link to your blog...

Joe said...

Here you go:

People don't always leave notes. I typically have a lot to say.