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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday - Something is Different This Time

I voted at 6:00 AM this morning, eager to beat the rush. My polling place is Washington School on Main Street (can't get much more middle-American than that!). Nothing much has changed at my polling place over the years, except you can use a touch-screen electronic polling machine instead of a paper ballot (choice left to each voter). The same senior citizens handle the poll monitoring and organization duties, the same folks stumble in at 6AM to vote (my friends and neighbors).

Then, something different. I saw Charlotte, a high school girl who recently turned 18 years old, in line and bright-eyed. She was with her mother, Laura. I have watched Charlotte grow up; she has been my neighbor since she was born. Like most teenagers, she is not usually conscious at 6AM, but today she was up and totally focused on casting her first vote ever in this 2008 Illinois primary. She registered at Evanston Township High School on her birthday.

I am an old voter; this is election day number 20 for me; I always show up right when the polls open. I have never seen a teenager at the polls at 6AM before. HMMMMMMM....

I suspect that this is the "Obama Effect," and it made me feel happy.

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