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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gone Too Soon - Sean Costello

This is from the Bob Corritore Blues Newsletter:

RIP Sean Costello 4/16/79-4/15/08: This shocking and sad news just in from Steve Hecht of Piedmont Talent: Blues singer/guitarist Sean Costello was found today dead in his hotel room in Atlanta, Georgia. He would have been 29 tomorrow. Cause of death is not known at present but details will posted on the Piedmont Talent website as they are revealed. Sean had recently released his fourth CD, We Can Get Together on the Delta Groove Record Label, and was a featured guitarist on the acclaimed new Nappy Brown CD Long Time Coming on Blind Pig Records. A handsome young man with amazing guitar ability, a fine voice, and a strong sense of carrying forward the tradition of the blues, Sean was a rising star with a brilliant career in front of him. In a world where we sorrowfully watch so many elder statesman of the blues pass, the loss this youthful bright light is especially hard to take. Rest in peace, Sean.

This is a shocking loss - too soon, Sean, too soon.


Imelda said...

We first saw Sean W/Susan Tedeski back in 1995 (I think) on a blues cruise. He was only 16 or so. It was great to see him and his pompodore.
We saw him again, years later at the Tampa Blues Festival and then this past September at Alonzos's Memorial Picnic, offered every year by the Baltimore Blues Society on Labor day weekend. He was much more mature and we understand, was trying to get back to the touring groove he'd left for a while. His music was crisp and the blues.
He was too young and talented to go so soon. Thanks for being in our hearts.

Mr. G said...

Imelda -

I am envious - I never had the opportunity to see Sean perform. I have admired his recorded work. His rep in the community was stellar. What a damn shame.

Mr. G