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Monday, March 09, 2009

The Morse Theater - Paris DeLane does the "last show"

So the Morse Theater's current management team managed their last show last Saturday night. I stopped by to check it out. There was a definite "wake" feeling among the staff, but the folks that showed up to hear Paris Delane seemed mostly oblivious to the sub-text. Paris was full of energy, and he does have a most impressive voice - basso profundo, but with a very wide range (his falsetto is excellent). Paris also can do many parlor tricks - he can do a spot-on Macy Gray impression that is pretty funny. I have been hearing about Paris for years and I have enjoyed some of Sonia Dada's stuff (Paris was a member of this jam band for some time). I was really excited to see the man perform, at last. But I have to say, I wasn't feeling the show on Saturday. The rhythm section sounded a little mushy, the arrangements were a little sloppy and the guest artists broke the flow of the set. It was a pretty big band - four horns, three percussionists, three guitarists (including Paris) and bass. Maybe there were just too many folks. Paris is awesome and he has a huge personality - and crowd was in fanboy heaven. I think there must be something wrong with me - I couldn't catch the love thing at all.

There have been news reports that the Morse will re-open soon under new management. I learned that the "silent partner" that put up the bucks to re-build the old theater is a member of one of the wealthiest families in the world. Andy McGhee, his son and his partner will get bought out, I suppose, and the money folks will bring in their own team. It is a shame, but it would be a bigger shame if the place shut down for good.


Anonymous said...

Well, I guest you just can't please every body! Mr. G were you and I watching the same Paris Delane Show @ The Morse Theatre?? I thought the show was amazing!!!! The band, the guest, and so on!... And for you to say you don't get the love thing, what is your heart made of? You say you're a husband and a father, well that should help you get the love thing, but we guess not! I have some amazing footage of Paris Delane's concert, and it looks and sounds great, so I don't know what you're talking about sir... Did someone pay you to write bad reviews about his show? Why don't you just stick to banking and leave the music to the people who know what their talking about!!! With all do respect.

Mr. H

Mr. G said...

To the Anonymous Mr. H:

Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, your typographical errors, grammar and syntax detract from your message. I have corrected your comment below. The corrections are in brackets for ease of reference. This corrected version of your comment is somewhat easier to read.

"Well, I [guess it is impossible to please everyone]. Mr. G, were [we] watchihg the same Paris Delane show at the Morse Theater[?] I thought the show was amazing[!] [I greatly enjoyed the band and thought the guest artists were excellent. I also take issue with your comment, "I couldn't catch the love thing at all." This comment makes me wonder if you have the heart to appreciate Paris Delane's talent and magnificance. You mention that you are a husband and father; family ties generally improve a person's receptivity to "the love thing," but in your case, apparently not]. [I shot a video] of the Paris Delane concert and [this recording documents the high quality of the music and the excellent visual presentation of Paris Delane and his band. Since your opinion is different than mine, I have concluded that you are unqualified to comment on the Paris Delane performance. In fact, I am wondering if some nefarious enemy of Paris Delane has bribed you to write negative comments on your blog about his excellent show at the Morse Theater. I would suggest that you focus on your banking career and allow qualified people to comment on music. When I say "qualified people," I mean "people who agree with me." ] With all [due] respect, Mr. H"

Mr. H - for the record, I like Paris Delane and, as I mentioned in my post of March 9, I admire his outstanding voice, his energy and his sense of humor. I just thought the band was a bit out-of-synch (but reasonable people can disagree on this point).

One last comment on your comment - I do indeed have a day job that takes me outside of the music industry, but I have some experience in the music field. I studied music theory and composition at the University of California at Berkeley, I played for 4 years in the UC Berkeley Jazz Ensemble and for 1 year in the Northwestern University Jazz Lab Band, I have played trombone in the horn sections of several soul and funk bands and I serve as frontman (vocals and harmonica) and songwriter for a blues/funk band that plays 3-4 gigs a month in the Chicago area (and we just released our first CD of all original songs). I am not just another uninformed fan.

Best Regards, Mr. G

Mr. G said...
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