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Monday, August 09, 2010

James Brown Again

We had a Sunday family dinner, and my adult daughter, son-in-law and grandson were in attendance. Little Patrick (aka the Pie-man) started walking about 2 weeks ago; he has the 15-month old toddler swagger, the confidence of a first-born son. He also has music in his head already - beat-boxing and chanting his happy nonsense syllables. I thought that he might like to hear some tunes, so I plugged in the iPod to the sound deck and hit the James Brown section of the device. JB was a crazed genius; it still saddens me that he is gone. JB and Ray Charles - I think about them often.

And when "Popcorn" came through the speakers, the Pie-man started to dance. James Brown, comin' 'round again, with the next generation.

As the Tower of Power tune said, "It may be a different age; but I'm on the same page; 'Cause there is one thing I've found; I'm still diggin' on James Brown."


Linny Jo said...

I'd like to use a section of your article about Main & Chicago (specifically the part about Amazingrace) for an article I'm writing for Shure. I'll credit you, of course. Is that OK?

I live in your neighborhood - on Washington between Sherman and Custer.

Mr. G said...

Linny Jo - feel free to use the info if it is helpful. Keep in mind that it hasn't been "fact-checked" - it is from my memory and includes my opinions.