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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Head Down, Heads Up

For working people, there are times when you focus on the tasks at hand, keep the head down, work the plan, clear the list. I have been in this mode for the past few days. I have a major deal in trouble; I am fighting to drag it across the finish line. There are many opportunities popping up, the chase is on for me and my partners. Economic conditions are leading to a slow rise in optimism, which translates to more aggressive business behavior. Aggressive business behavior means fees for investment bankers. We should do well, the ball is coming across the plate. We just have to put some wood on it.

While in "head down" mode, I received a "heads up" message. Mr. G and the Mystery Band has been booked for a gig at Bill's Blues Bar on February 9. A friend of mine saw the schedule and e-mailed me to ask about details. I wasn't aware that we had been booked! So I have spent some time calling my blues friends to assemble a band. Mike Wheeler is going to handle the lead guitar duties - he is a killer player! We won't have time to rehearse - we will count on our shared knowlege and experience to carry us through three sets of tunes. I have been listening to blues tunes during every free moment (thank God for iPods) which should help me get pumped for the show. It has been almost a year since I fronted a band and played harmonica for an entire evening. I know that the quality of the players in the band will carry me through.

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