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Sunday, January 30, 2005

What has Happened in Iraq?

I have been cruising the news sites. I have read many blogs written by Iraqis. It sounds like participation in the election has exceeded expectations. I have seen the photos of long lines at the polls. I have read messages of joy and pride from Iraqis. I am amazed at this turn of events. The deep yearning of people makes them courageous.

My expectations for this election were very low. I have grown very weary and jaded abut America's adventure in this sad country. The death and destruction, reported breathlessly by the media, has had its effect. I have found myself falling into step with the press and my fellow Kerry-voters, expecting this to be a mess, a joke, full of carnage and low voter turnout. It appears that my expectations were too negative. I will be delighted if I am wrong about this election.

Now there is a reason to hope. I am going to sleep on that thought.

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