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Monday, January 10, 2005

To Duck Key and Back Again

I have been incommunicado, hiding out with my family on Duck Key in Florida. We got warm, missed 7 inches on snow in Chicago, and saw alligators, key deer, and many, many birds generally not seen in the midwest (pelicans, cormorants, white ibises, snowy egrets, and on and on). That is all that I will say about this trip because I do not want this to be a tedious on-line version of "slides from my great vacation."

Coming back to Chicago involved a 50 degree reduction in temperatures and 45 minutes of shoveling snow (well, slush might be a better description). The one-eyed cat with FIP has deteriorated and we are struggling with the euthanasia decision. Bills and mail have piled up. There are several hundred messages in my four e-mail accounts. Vacation has definitely ended and stress has kicked in. I must sleep now to shake off the numbness that comes from realizing that I am facing an insane number of tasks that should have been done yesterday.

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