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Monday, January 01, 2007

Hoppin' John/Bootsy Collins

Mr. G crashed early on New Year's Eve. After a lovely (and heavy) meal with the wife and girlies, bed seemed like a better destination than the local blues bar. So I had a great night's sleep, woke up clear-headed and energized, and dug into the day's activities. I have a great pot of Hoppin' John on the stove - black eye peas, crushed red pepper, chicken breast, rice, onions and tomatoes. Black eye peas bring the good luck in the New Year, doncha know.

I went to the YMCA for a little exercise and cranked up Bootsy Collins on the ol' iPod. I have been thinking about Bootsy since I heard the news about James Brown's passing.
Bootsy is another one of my heroes. Just look at this guy:
He is one funky-ass SOB. When he was 18, back in 1970, he joined James Brown's band. JB's success in the 1970's was, in part, due to this crazy bass playa. His music is pure joy. If you can sit still while listening to Bootsy Collins, you must be dead.

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