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Friday, January 26, 2007

Farewell Susan Greenberg

The sad news of Susan Greenberg's untimely death has rippled through Chicago's blues community. Susan was a terrific photographer and artist - the image above this text is one of Susan's pictures and you can see some of her work on her website - click here. As you will see from her photos, Susan was a lover of the blues. She was also the life partner of one of Chicago's finest blues guitarists, Lurrie Bell - that's Lurrie in the picture I posted above this entry. I mentioned Lurrie in my last entry on January 20. Susan passed away on the same day I posted that entry. Lurrie has struggled with many demons, and the story in Chicago is that Susan pulled him out of the abyss, helped him regain his life. Susan and Lurrie had major trauma, also - Susan gave birth to twins, who both died shortly after birth. They overcame this tragedy, and celebrated the birth of a daughter, Aria, just two years ago. Susan passed at the age of 44, too young, a victim of lymphoma. I met her a few times at Lurrie's gigs; didn't know her well, but had huge respect for her.

If you are religous (or even if you are not), pray for Lurrie Bell and Susan Greenberg's family.

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Guillermo said...

I'm really sad. I just found out that she died. I helped Susan to digitalize some of her work. That was in 2004. I would love to see some of her pictures. They were amazing.