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Friday, February 02, 2007

The Cold, The Bears, The End of the World

The wind is stiff this evening, making a frigid night damn near unbearable. It will be worse tomorrow and miserable all week as the low teperatures hit negative territory. Chicago is facing its coldest weekend in ten years. Naturally, this cold snap hits when the Bears are in the Super Bowl. I am not interested in going to any Super Bowl parties in this miserable cold; I am sure I am not the only one with this attitude. The Mystery Band has a gig tomorrow night; I have a feeling that I will be playing to an empty house.

I am a Bears fan, but I have a hard time watching them play. Football is stressful. Every game is important and the agony of defeat offsets the thrill of victory for me. I am going to try to watch the Super Bowl, but if the Bears start doing poorly, I probably will have to turn it off.

It is ironic on this extremely cold weekend that the UN's report on global warming was released, and boy, was it depressing! Maybe world governments will get together and try to slow down the big warm-up. I wouldn't bet on it. And I wouldn't bet on human ability to change the weather trend. Yes, the world will end. Or, said more correctly, humans will probably become extinct. The timeframe for our extinction is too lengthy for the average schmo to panic. And besides, the Big Game is on this weekend.

Go Bears.

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