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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Replacing the Stolen Cannondale H400

About a year ago, someone got into my garage and took my awesome Cannondale H400.  I whined about it in my blog.  Shortly after I lost my Cannondale, I bought a cheap mongrel bike -  used single-speed bicycle assembled from various parts (Trek frame from the 1980's, custom "bull horn" handlebars, etc.).  If I were so inclined, I could flip the back wheel and convert it into a fixie, but I am old and like to free wheel on occasion.   This is the bike I have been riding for the past year; it is an odd "hipster bike," and I am most definitely not a hipster. The single speed is a harsh mistress - stiff, tough on hills, a one-trick pony for sure. But it is simple and does provide a good workout.  When the going gets tough, one must push harder because there is no way to shift to an easy gear.

I was getting sick of the single speed but didn't want to spend a ton of money on a new bike.  I resigned myself to huffing and puffing on the old mongrel bike when my neighbor had a garage sale.  In the garage was an old Trek hybrid like the one pictured above.  The asking price - $25!!!!  I grabbed it - the front tire alone was worth more than $25.  After tuning it and tweaking it, I now have a decent "older person" bike.  It is easy to ride and feels very comfortable.  I feel lucky to have arrived at the garage sale early and scored this great old hybrid.

And when I ride it, I miss my single speed.  What the heck?

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