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Friday, July 19, 2013

RIP Laurie Frink, Awesome Trumpeter and Teacher

Laurie Frink died last Saturday.  I saw her obit in the New York Times yesterday.    I had heard about Laurie through a couple brass players in New York that I used to know, but I never had the honor of meeting her. Ms. Frink was an amazing woman and a real guru for jazz trumpet players.  As an old trombonist, I understand the special bond that can happen between a brass teacher and his/her students.  The great brass teacher takes the student on a journey of joy, pain, discipline and contemplation.

Laurie Frink played in some of the hottest large jazz ensembles in the world - the Maria Schneider Orchestra, The John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble and Ryan Truesdell's Gill Evans project.  She also played in the Mel Lewis Orchestra and  Benny Goodman's big band.

Laurie came to New York from a tiny town in Nebraska - she is one of those classic stories of a small town artist coming to the Big Apple and making a mark.  She died young - only 61.  Cancer took her.

I will break out my bass trombone tonight and play some long tones in honor of Laurie Frink.

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